An Open Community of Decentralized Finance Platforms

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DeFi is a Movement

We saw an overlap in the problems that decentralized finance protocols were trying to solve and thought there would be no better way to tackle them then by forming an open community of like-minded projects.

Our Core Principles


Interoperability and Open Source

Members of DeFi take interoperability into account when building their projects. This helps strengthen the compounding effects of all our projects as a whole. Open sourcing helps us reach this goal by allowing us to collectively understand how all of our products can be woven together on a technical level.


Accessibility and Financial Inclusion

We strive to create a financial system that is accessible to anyone with an internet connection. We believe in a world where value flows freely, regardless of one’s geographic location.


Financial Transparency

We believe that financial services should not be built in opaque silos, but rather that market-level information should be transparent to all participants while still preserving individual privacy.